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Sangke River Battambang.

Green Orange Kayaks, Sangke River Battambang
As the kayaks were being lowered by rope down the grassy embankment of the Sangkar River, I noticed there weren’t any life jackets to be seen. I asked the organizer about this, and was told that as it was the Pchum Ben holiday, the man with the key to the kitchen was on holiday, so they couldn’t get the lifejackets. Of course this was all very Cambodian and so we accepted the situation for what it was, we went with the flow as such. Luckily the sea kayaks are not at all tippy and very stable; they are a sit-on-top design with the entire kayak acting as a flotation device. The river level was about half its capacity and calm, the flow was not strong so we had to paddle all the way. An adventurous time to do this tour would be when the mountain rains have filled the narrow river and it’s flowing like a torrent, all you’d have to do is steer. But you’d want to make sure the kitchen isn’t locked. Green Orange Kayaks – so called because of the famous Battambang Province green skin oranges was established in 2009. It’s run by FEDA, a local NGO who provide free education at a school to the rear of the Green Orange Cafe which is where the kayaks are. This is located about eight kilometres on the southwest river road to Wat Banan, on the outskirts of Battambang. 

The kayak trip is eleven kilometres back to the city, as it meanders its way through the Cambodian countryside. The faint tinkle of instruments could be heard from the five Wats that are nearby on route, and shrieking screams of hello-bye-bye-hello from kids on the banks and swimming in the water.  Stopping off at some of the interesting Wats is a nice way to rest your shoulders, and should you be staying a few days then Around Battambang by Ray Zepp is a must guide book. It contains detailed information about the history of the Wats and other sites to visit, full edition on this site in archives. The leisurely down river voyage took us two hours, passing riverside vegetable terraces, traditional bamboo houses and fishermen. The clouds followed us all the way that afternoon, and opened up just as we arrived at a Battambang and headed to a watering hole for a few well deserved cold ones. At present they have two double kayaks and one single. The price is $12 per person, which goes towards the running of the school
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