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Khmer Delight Battambang

Khmer Delight Battambang
*Local Business* CLICK on the image to view the Khmer Delight website.

NIGHT-LIFE - late night bar and food scene. Battambang.

Here be Dragons
British run bar. Popular with the ex-pat crowd and travellers.
Happy hours are 4pm - 7pm = Anchor draft 75c, 
House spirit & mixer $2.
Pub Quiz on Wed nights - Cocktail Party on Fri nights.
Bar open late - til 2am sometimes. Food served til 9pm.
Located on East side of river. See city map
Google street view link

Riverside Balcony Bar
perfect location

Riverside bar / restaurant, food served til 10pm, drinks til midnight.
Happy hours 5 til 7. Draught 75c, spirit /mixer $2
Fri - Sat Happy hours 6 til 9 
Closed Mondays.
Located south of town west side, See city map. 
Google street view link

Ganesha Bar

Cheap cheerful establishment in the centre of town, Streets 1.5 and 2.
Late Night Bar. See City Map
Google street view link

Sky Nightclub
Free entry, good aircon, $3 beers, 1am close
See City Map. east river side.
Google street view link

Starlight Nightclub
same deal as sky nightclub
located 200m west of Post Office.
Google street view link

Late Night Eats
In town next to Angkor Thom Restaurant are a couple of places that serve food til 2am.
The one wuth the pink plastic chairs does a good Mee Ktang - a wide flat white noodle
with pork or beef and veg 7000 riel. Also the stewed pig leg is good Jerng Jrook 7000 riel.
After 1am they only serve a bland rice soup. Beer flows til 1.45am.
Google street view link

The food stalls on the West riverbank - see city map.
These food stalls serve a variaty of dishes of varying quality til 1am.
Beer flows til 2am. 
Google street view link