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NEW Bamboo Train 2018 . Battambang, Cambodia.

NEW Bamboo Train is OPEN New route 2018   A reinvention of the famous bamboo rattler has been completed 500 metres from Wat Bana...

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The Well of Shadows. Battambang. Cambodia.

Bas-relief at Wat Somrong Knong. Battambang

 Wat Somrong Knong is located about 6 kilometres north of Battambang, on the east side of the Sangkar River. Situated nearby the Wat is a monument to the Khmer Rouge genocide. This structure is like many others, in that there are skulls and bones encased in a glass edifice. The exception is that it sits on two large tiers, on the front of which there are a number of concrete bas-reliefs depicting the fall of the area to the Khmer Rouge. They graphically portray the atrocities that took place thereafter. On one side of the monument is the following text. - In May 1976, the Khmer Rouge seized the Buddhist temple Wat Somrong Knong, turning it into a prison, and the surrounding area turned into a killing field where 10,008 people were put to death. The prison warden was Son, alias Sot, the executioners were Korlot and Plet. In 1977, Yom became the warden, under whose administration cannibalism was introduced. Poisonous snakes were used to terrify and kill their prisoners, while others had their skulls or chests split open with hoes. This monument portrays still other torturers used by the Khmer Rouge to subjugate district 41 and region 4.
The full extent of Cambodia’s tragedy will never be known. The remains of some of the victims of this genocide may never be recovered, nor their murderers identified. But, the gentle and forgiving Khmer, an energetic and optimistic people, will now walk confidently though the well of shadows to reclaim their ancient culture, and restore this beautiful land to become again, the legendary paradise of celestial Apsara’s. - The old Wat building that was used as a prison looks as though it is a monument in its self to those who were confined there, and is kept lock up. A new Wat is presently being constructed within the grounds. Article by Kevin Bolton. August 2013

Wat Somrong Knong, Battambang

Wat Somrong Knong,  Battambang

Wat Somrong Knong, Battambang

Wat Somrong Knong, Battambang