PHOTO GALLERY. Battambang. Cambodia. Photo's copyright Kevin Bolton 2018

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Railway Children. Battambang.
Old stone bridge. Battambang
 one of the more unusual modes of transport on the riverfront
Old iron foot bridge. Battambang
Colonial town houses before renovation
Town house. Battambang
Colonial buildings on the riverfront before renovation. 2004
Street 3. Battambang

Phsar Nath Market from east of river
Delivering charcoal. Battambang
Old Governors residence. Built 1907. Battambang
Wat Dum Rai Saw. White Elephant Wat. Battambang
Abandoned colonial villa. Battambang
Railway bridge over the Sangke River
Railway bridge. Battambang
Ruined colonial villa. Battambang
Suspension bridge. Battambang.
Statue at Wat Dum Rai Saw. Battambang
Ferry crossing. Battambang
Giant Buddha Statue - Ek Phnom. Battambang
Central Station platform. Battambang.
Train Station yard. Battambang
"Why" Santa looking bemused as to why he is in an ornamental garden
in Battambang.

Monorom ornamental garden complete with concrete trees. Battambang

River road during rainy season. Battambang

Riverside road. Battambang

Running through the center of town the Stung Sangke River reaches its highest
level at the during the rainy season. September 2011.
Angkorian ruins of Prasat Bassaet Temple. Battambang.
Angkorian ruins of Wat Banan. Battambang
Bass-relief at Wat Somrong Knong. From 'Well of Shadows' story in editorial.
Anti aircraft gun once atop Wat Banan.
photo: Ray Zepp.
Children play in shell of APC. Samlot District.  photo: Ray Zepp.
Anglorian ruin Ek Phnom Temple. Battambang.
1907 Traditional Khmer house. Battambang.

Flooded streets as water backs up through storm drains in lower lying areas of town
from the bursting local Stung Sangke River. September 2011.
Fishing boats on the Sangke River. Battambang.