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Learn a Little Khmer

Please – som  Fish – tray  Pork - set j’rook Chicken - set moa-ún 
Beef - set goh
Barbecued – ang   Fried – char   Steamed – jom hoy   Rice – bai 
Chilli – m’tay
Salad – saa lat Red Wine – sraa kra hom White Wine – sraa sor 
Food – m’hope
Bottle – dorp  Glass – gai-o  Fruit – plai cher  Vegetable – bon lai  Make - twer
Spicy – hull  Ice – tuk gor  Put - dak  Large – thom  Toothpick – cher juk tmin
Small – doy’it  Plate – jaan  Have – me’un Water – tuk  Lime – kroach ch’maa
MSG – be’jayng  No – atay  Yes – bart  Want – jong  More – tee-ut  I - khnyom
‘how much ‘? – tlai pon’maan  Salt - ombel  Pepper – m’rik  Garlic – ktum sor
Delicious – chn’yang    ‘the bill please’ – som kit loy    Thanks – or kOOn
Turn right - bot sadam  Turn left - bot ch’wain  Go straight - dou drong
Stop - chup  Bridge - spee-un  Expensive - t’lai  Cheap - talc 
Cigarette -  ba’ray  Yesterday - m’sao min  Today - t’nai nih 
Tomorrow - sa-aik  Cold - groh-che  Hot - g’dao  Day - t’nai 
Rain - plee’ung  Happy - sop’bai