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Khmer Delight Battambang

Khmer Delight Battambang
*Local Business* CLICK on the image to view the Khmer Delight website.

Activities / Things to do - bamboo train, paintball club. art galleries. human circus. Microlight. kayaks. motorbike and bicycle rent. crocodiles. Battambang.

                        Battambang Things to do Video

Bamboo Train
                                Google Streetview Bamboo Train location link
see Bamboo Train article in Archives

The Battambang Big Top
 Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus  
see show times - http://phareps.org/events/
see circus article in blog archive

Battambang Art Revival
visit the galleries on street 2.5

visit an art gallery 
Make Meak on street 2.5 or Art Space (1.5)
or Romcheik-5 Art Space

Renting and buying Bicycles
The bicycle shop in front of the central market on street 3
see city map, rents bikes for $2 a day.
Ganesha guesthouse on Street 2 & 1.5 have bike to rent $2 a day.
Sunrise Cafe $1.50 a day. Today Tours, Street 1.5 $1 a day.
E-Bike Explorer on Street 2.5 has new electric bikes for rent at $8 per day, best to book in advance tel 081 881 371.
Buying a bike, the bike shops near the 
New Market see city map 100 metres alomg road to Phnom Penh, 
have a large selection of used road and mountain bikes for sale $30 and up,
bicycles can be transported in luggage compartment on buses for an Extra dollar.

Khmer Cooking Classes Battambang

Nary Kitchen 012 763950 

Coconut LyLy 016 399339 

 Ch’ngainh! Ch’ngainh! Mr Bath 012 639350

Smokin Pot  012 821400  no website

Lily River Tour
Lily River Tour is an afternoon boat tour in Battambang, 
exploring the Sangke River from 1:30pm to 5pm.
012 243 151 or 069 606 971

Crocodile Farm


Motorbike Rental 

If your guesthouse does not arrange motorbike rental,
head to Today Tours (see below) or Ganesha GH or Here be Dragons GH.

Today Tours
Motorbike rental and repairs

Green Orange Kayaks 
 017 736166    
see kayak article and video in blog archive

Microlight Cambodia

Butterfly Cycling Tours, Battambang

Battambang Provincial Museum
open 8 --11am & 2 - 5pm

Angkor What?, visit some really old rocks
Prehistoric Laang Spean, Cave of Bridges
Since at least 69,000 B.C., humans had made this cave their home.

Laang Spean located in Phnom (hill) Teak Treang 
Laang Spean Cave
Phnom (hill) Teak Treang
Phnom (hill) Teak Treang

Banan Winery
Free wine and brandy tasting
( their products are far cheaper to purchase at grocery shops in Battambang
as are sold at inflated tourist price at the winery itself ) 

Battambang Paintball Club
tel 089236601, 081794301
Info at Ambrosia Cafe, Street 121.

Street Snacking
Opposite the Post Office is a vendor selling fried insects and young frogs
neatly skewered on BBQ sticks. Includes crickets and various aquatic bugs 2pm - 9pm.
From 3pm til 9pm on the North side of Phsar Nath Market are a number of vendors 
selling BBQ chicken, legs or whole / fish / pork slices and an array of Khmer dishes.
Steamed corn on the cob can be found late afternoon near the Sar Keng Bridge in the centre of town, and near the front of Phsar Naht Market. 1400 Riel each.

After Midnight Munchies
Opposite the White Rose Restaurant there is a popular late-night Restaurant known as the 
Pink Chairs, reflecting the plastic seats colour ( sign is in Khmer ).
Food and beers flow here til 2am. Before 1am fried rice and noodle dishes ( try Mee Ka'tang noodles with pork Set J'rook ) and fruit shakes can be ordered. After 1am choices narrow to tasty stewed pork leg or a bland local rice dish called Bor Bor.
On the West Riverbank south of the town centre opposite the Post Office is a string of late-night food stalls all with varying reputations. Some of these places stay open til 2am and serve a variety of local fried and steamed dishes, fruit shakes and beers.

Dipping and Diving
.All the resorts have pools with admission fee or free if dining.